Summary of the Lecture - Part Nine

Part Nine

Questions and Answers

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Mary asks:

What does high sugar mean and low in iron mean?

I need to know what page you were reading? What's the context here?

Hello Mary,
This is slightly outside my area of knowledge.

If you are Banting, any sugar in the diet is to be avoided. In that context there should be zero added sugar.

It sounds more like we're talking about fruit in the diet, in which case bananas and grapes are usually described as "high sugar" and it's recommended that your avoid them of eat only a little.

As for iron, it's not something I'm needed to study for myself. I eat lots of offal meats and muscles (shelfish).

For women iron can be a problem I understand. Zoë Harcombe in the UK would be the "go to place for me" if I needed to find out more.

Open Future Health has a page about Zoë Harcombe here.

Dr Zoë Harcombe's own site is here. But sadly most of her material is now behind a pay wall.

SO what does Google offer? It wasn't hard to find many references. Health-Line was a good start. My only comment is that dietary sources of iron are probably easier to abscorb than suppliments. And "iron fortified" cereals are not on my shopping list.

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