Better Personal Health

Largely depends on what you think.

Nobody is interested in better health until suddenly they no longer have health. Then for a time, nothing is more important.

Nobody can accept new information about how to improve their health, that doesn't confirm what they already believe. Your health, and who you are as a person, and all the things you believe; are part of "YOU" and you'll go to great lengths to protect yourself from attack. Each of us lives in a self defended fortress.

If you suffer from bad health almost certainly the root of that is bad information, inside the fortress. Sadly it's the bad information that you believe, and that you use in your daily life, probably with the absolute conviction that it's making you well, that makes you sick.

This is a self made trap. The only key to unlock the trap is inside yourself. The ability to use that key, is turned on by your ability to learn NEW things, so that slowly you can identify and turn off, the bad information that's causing the problem.

Nobody can do that for you. But here, I hope, we can help you explore your options.

John VeitchMy personal story might encourage you. I'm here to help.

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Are you ready to improve your own knowledge and to actively do some things differently?
If so read on here where I list many educational resources to promote your understanding.
Taking the Responsibility for Your Own Health.

The Background Philosophy

"To search for Health TRUTH you must first have lost it!"

If you know how to change your future is open.

"Be the change you want to see in the World"

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