Better Personal Health

Largely depends on what you think.

Everyone can have better health, if you change ONE thing at a time.

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Nobody is interested in better health until suddenly they no longer have their health. Then for a time, nothing is more important. Write down how you are, think about that, change one thing, do that for a sensible time. REPEAT.

Everybody "knows" some health information that's wrong and is undermining your best efforts.

For years Carolyn and I ate lots of cereals for breakfast, adding a little fruit, and usually with toast and margarine. That's what we were told was a "healthy breakfast". It was "low fat". But it made us FAT.

Now, with better knowledge, we only eat the fruit and add cream. This isn't weight reducing, because of all the sugar in the fruit, but it's delicious. Because of the cream, full fat yoghurt (and the protein powder if you like) you won't be hungry at morning tea time. Note: avoid the TOAST. Sugar and carbohydrate are OUT.

Fruit Breakfast preparation
Apple, berries, grapes, nuts, prunes, sultanas.
NO cereals. With yoghurt and cream on top. 8mg Carbs, 40gm fat, 3gm protein.

If you want to lose weight, have bacon and eggs most mornings. If you think this is incredible, you need to read much more about the latest nutrition science.

People struggle to accept new information about how to improve their health, that doesn't confirm what they already believe. Your health, and who you are as a person, and all the things you believe; are part of "YOU" and you'll go to great lengths to protect your own hard won knowledge from attack. In this way, each of us lives in a self defended fortress. What you believe drives what you choose to do.

This is a self made trap. The key to better health is inside yourself, in your knowledge and in what you choose to believe. For instance you may believe that vegetarian diets are good, and that both saturated fats and high cholesterol are bad. Modern science re-examines those three mistaken ideas, and much else. The ability to learn NEW things, is turned on when you believe, that what you think about your health can make a real difference. You have that ability. With new knowledge, slowly you can identify and turn off, the bad information that's causing your health problems.

Nobody can do that for you. Here, I hope, we can encourage you to explore your options. One simple and painless way forward is to join a discussion group. There are several groups listed here. You can read the letters and you can easily join the groups that interest you. All you need is an email address and a password. That will give you the flavour of what we do here without a lot of work on your part.

If weight control is troublesome for you, change what you eat for breakfast. Or go without breakfast altogether.

John VeitchMy personal story might encourage you. I'm here to help.

Are you ready to improve your own knowledge and to actively do some things differently?
Here is a practical page about the basics of improving health.

Please re-read the statement at the top of the page. You have the key to better health, it's found between your left ear and your right ear. If you are unable to learn new things, nothing will change. Joining one of the groups suggested above, is a painless way to keep this door to better health open.

If want to do some research, visit web sites and read books, the following page will help you.
Taking the Responsibility for Your Own Health.

Better health is really possible. That starts by learning what you can, by keeping a health diary, by understanding in a new way what is and isn't a healthy diet, and by engaging with other people to talk about health. All you need to do is to get started, do something to improve your health. Do it now, not tomorrow. Did that work? Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

StemEnhance 3 BottleStemtech has a new flagship product "StemEnhance 3", or SE3™.
I've had great success with the previous version "StemEnhance 2", or SE2™, and I can report at least 14 health improvements over the last two years. At 73, I'm more healthy now than I was 12 years ago. We are still learning about SE3™. If you ask I'll tell you more.

Stemflo BottleA little less obvious as an important product is Stemflo™, a combination of two enzymes that attack the fibrin deposits that tend to clog the smallest blood vessels. As we get older, vascular problems are increasingly the prime reason behind many of the disabilities that create our ill health.

Both these products are of increasing importance for anyone in middle age with "declining health", and for everyone who's beginning to feel their age. (Almost everyone over 55?) George Vaillant confirms that our personalities and our brains get "better and better" as we age, we are happier and we have lots to offer the world, in our work, and in our role as mentors and good examples. But only if we have our health.

I want you to be an informed buyer, informed about your own health first, don't take it for granted. I've deliberately hidden Stemtech products and services here, they are important, but FIRST, you need to understand that YOU can influence your present and future health. Write to me about your present health if you like. Show me that better health is important to you.

Please contact me an let me explain why boosting the number of stem cells in your blood improves your health. Why it's safe and easy to do that, and why this knowledge is important and life changing for at least someone in every family.

Business Partners

I looking for new business partners. My aim is to ensure the success of each one, so you need to qualify to be accepted for training. There is money to be made, but you need to have used the product yourself, so you can be confident about it. (That should be possible in three months but many distributors need more than a year to build that confidence.) You need to be able to devote at least 10 hours a week to face to face contact with people, discussing health in a way you'll be taught. You need to be prepared to work for a few months before the returns begin to accumulate. You'll need some cash, at least NZ$600, preferably more. If you are interested in becoming a business partner follow this link.

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