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Time marches on, but it's possible to age less than a year, for each year that passes. If you have a damaged body or damaged brain, it's possible to achieve a remarkable degree of physical repair and return of function. However to achieve those results you probably need to think differently and act differently. To do that you need new knowledge.

Start by DOING Something

Begin anywhere, but please begin, and don't try to make changes without joining group, social support is critical to success, you need not be alone.

John VeitchMy personal story might encourage you. I'm here to help.

Are you ready to improve your own knowledge and to actively do some things differently?
Here is a practical page about the basics of improving health.

Better health is really possible. That starts by learning what you can, by keeping a health diary, by understanding in a new way what is and isn't a healthy diet, and by engaging with other people to talk about health. All you need to do is to get started, do something to improve your health. Do it now, not tomorrow. Did that work? Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

A critical - critical detail, Join a Group. Find out from others what works. Do it now.