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Largely depends on what you think.

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Nobody is interested in better health until suddenly they no longer have their health. Then for a time, nothing is more important.

People struggle to accept new information about how to improve their health, that doesn't confirm what they already believe. Your health, and who you are as a person, and all the things you believe; are part of "YOU" and you'll go to great lengths to protect your own hard won knowledge from attack. In this way, each of us lives in a self defended fortress.

Once I believed that eating fat made you fat, and caused heart disease. I now know that is wrong. When people told me that their hormones made them fat, I used to laugh, thinking them mistaken. In fact your hormones DO make you fat, particularly in the way insulin and leptin respond in your body. I was wrong. Most (all) of us have been taught how to be healthy, in ways that turn out to be faulty. Hormones influence your weight, BUT you can control hormone response with good knowledge. Hormones also make you regain your normal weight. Understanding how your hormones work is important.

I'm very interested to talk to people who are making an effort to improve their health. I'm curious to know what you've tried and what seems to work for you. You can tell me here.

If you suffer from bad health almost certainly the root of that is bad information, inside your fortress. Sadly it's the bad information that you believe, and that you use in your daily life, probably with the absolute conviction that it's making you well, that might in fact be making you sick.

This is a self made trap. The key to unlock that trap is inside yourself, in your knowledge and in what you choose to believe. For instance you may believe that vegetarian diets are good, and that both saturated fats and high cholesterol are bad. Modern science re-examines those three mistaken ideas, and much else. The ability to learn NEW things, is turned on when you become interested. With new knowledge, slowly you can identify and turn off, the bad information that's causing the your health problems.

Nobody can do that for you. Here, I hope, we can encourage you to explore your options. One simple and painless way forward is to join a discussion group. There are several groups listed here. You can read the letters and you can easily join the groups that interest you. All you need is an email address and a password. That will give you the flavour of what we do here without a lot of work on your part.

John VeitchMy personal story might encourage you. I'm here to help.

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Are you ready to improve your own knowledge and to actively do some things differently?
If so read on here where I list many educational resources to promote your understanding.
Taking the Responsibility for Your Own Health.

It's argued that because of our diet, we are all likely to develop metabolic syndrome. The most obvious pointer to future health problems is loss of weight control. That signals the danger of developing type two diabetes. Obesity is the result of hormone disequilibrium, particularly involving insulin, and driven by the excessive intake of carbohydrates (not saturated fats). Try to understand that your weight is controlled by your hormones, and that you can easily control your hormones by how you choose to eat. That, quite simple, new knowledge, makes the weight problem both understandable and repairable. What you eat and how you eat makes a big difference.

Please re-read the statement at the top of the page. You have the key to better health, it's found between your left ear and your right ear. If you are unable to learn new things, nothing will change.

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The Background Philosophy

"To search for Health TRUTH you must first have lost it!"

If you know how to change your future is open.

"Be the change you want to see in the World"

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