Summary of the Lecture - Part Four


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Part One An introduction.

part two Finding a Heart Healthy Diet

Part Three The Standard American Diet and it's Effects.

Part Four: (This Page) Lipophobia and the Sugar Debate.

Part Five Nutritional Ketosis is Normal

Part Six The Obesidemic Environment and Commercial Influence

Part Seven Professionals Oppose the Paradigm

Part Eight Sources of Expertise and Some Suggestions

Part Nine Questions and Answers (To be developed)

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The causes of Metabolic Syndrome

Prof. Gerald Reaven hypothesizes that Metabolic Syndrome, is a set of modern diseases, caused by our faulty diet. Over time his hypothesis has become more and more credible.

The Importance of Fats - Overcoming Lipophobia

In addition there was no benefit for heart disease and stroke rates, and cancer rates were worse, on a low fat diet. The expected health benefits of the diet were nowhere to be found.

Lipophobia, fear of fats in the diet, is very widespread, both among doctors and dietitians. Little wonder then, that the public share that fear. We now know that carbohydrates make us fat, but we can't significantly reduce the carbohydrate content of our diet, unless we begin to eat more fat. Our energy has to come from somewhere.

Part Four: Lipophobia and the Sugar Debate. (About 12 Minutes)

Dr Gerald Reaven

Metabolic Syndrome

Butter is Good - Time Magazine

Butter in My Coffee

Ketogenic Diets are Difficult to Do

Ketosis is Normal

Credit Suisse Carbohydrates

High Carbohydrate Diets

Credit Suisse - Cholesterol

Medical Diet for Obesity - Avoid

Medical Diet for Obesity - Enjoy

Medical Diet for Obesity - Source

Part Five

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