Talk to John Veitch about Health Maintenance.

I welcome your interest in my own healthy living experiment. I'm very happy to discuss our recent findings with you. In the process we might all learn something. That's the secret of networking.

At Open Future Health, we have some stong ideas about how better health can be achieved.

That's of ZERO value to you. Only your own knowlege, is useful to you. In a conversation you can learn new things, but you have to participate to get value.

Required (But you can use a nom-de-plume)

I've been interested in health for many years, but the last three years have forced me to rethink much of my "knowledge".

To my surprise, I have discovered that better health is possible. We imagine than our health is a given and can't be improved. We accept poor health as "normal" when we should be asking why is my health poor?

Our doctors have been taught that diet doesn't matter very much. Most of us make the same assumption. Diet may not be very spectacular, but it makes every difference.

You might begin by worry about your diabetes, your heart, or arthritis, or your weight. When you know more, the connection of each of these to diet becomes obvious. So I'm asking people to be open to new learning. What you learn may add years of good health to your life.

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