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Part One An introduction.

part two Finding a Heart Healthy Diet.

Part Three The Standard American Diet and it's Effects.

Part Four Lipophobia and the Sugar Debate.

Part Five: (This Page) Nutritional Ketosis is Normal.

Part Six The Obesidemic Environment and Commercial Influence.

Part Seven Professionals Oppose the Paradigm.

Part Eight Sources of Expertise and Some Suggestions.

Part Nine Questions and Answers (To be developed)

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The Human Body's Hybrid Metabolic System

The human body is adapted to an uncertain food supply. In particular to foods that change seasonally, and both feast and famine. Historically, years in which food was not short rationed at some time were unusual. The ability to carry a bit of extra fat was an advantage.

The in agricultural societies, the hybrid metabolism, burns glucose in times of plenty, and lipids in times of hardship. In herding or nomadic societies, lipid metabolism was normal, and only when they lost their livestock or when hunting failed, were they forced to buy food and rely on carbohydrates for sustenance.

For forty years efforts have been made to prove that then recommended low-fat diet was indeed healthy, with mixed results. It was the Women's Health Initiative (Published 2006) that finally demonstrated that at least for older women the recommended diet "has no health benefits."

Part Five: Nutritional Ketosis is Normal. (About 18 Minutes)

What is Normal Aging?

Two Tank Fuel Systems - LPG

Two Tank Fuel Systems - Milk

Two Tank Fuel Systems - Fat Man

Fatty Acid Nutrition

Amber O'Hearn

Weaning Baby

Dr John Yudkin

Inflammation Damage in the Body

Medical Professional Opinion

Dangerous Places - Doctors Consulting Room

Public Understanding is also Poor

Dangerous Places - Official Guidelines

Dangerous Places - Cereal Aisle

Dangerous Places - Bread Shop

Dangerous Places - Diabetes Association Websites

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