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Part One An introduction.

part two Finding a Heart Healthy Diet

Part Three: (This Page) The Standard American Diet and it's Effects.

Part Four Lipophobia and the Sugar Debate

Part Five Nutritional Ketosis is Normal

Part Six The Obesidemic Environment and Commercial Influence

Part Seven Professionals Oppose the Paradigm

Part Eight Sources of Expertise and Some Suggestions

Part Nine Questions and Answers (To be developed)

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How We've Responded to the Dietary Guidelines

Developing the Dietary Guidelines for Americans was a political triumph. It established an agreed formula for marketing, for research, and for public health policy.

Other nations didn't want to repeat the long exhausting debate themselves, it was too contentious and too difficult, so they chose instead to enact their own version of the American Guidelines.

So there was progress, markets opened up, new research was undertaken, and public policy to support the recommendations was developed. Then the process went wrong. The public began to get obese and type 2 diabetes rates began to rise. That is being caused by following the recommendations. There is a problem.

The Key Assumptions of the Guidelines are Wrong.

In the last 20 years, science has demonstrated that the low fat diet wasn't healthy, and that our fear of saturated fat was unfounded. But we've failed to understand and to use that knowledge very well.

Part Three: The Standard American Diet and it's Effects (About 16 Minutes)

Acceptance of the Standard American Diet

New Zealand Ministry of Health

Standard Nutrition Theory

The Public Health Effect of the S.A.D.

Energy for Life - Carbohydrates and fats

Are Carbohydrates essential? The Case for Zero Carbohydrates.

The Big Fat Surprise

The Credit Suisse Research Institute

Hormones Drive Obesity - Insulin

The Obesity of Poverty

Overview of Our New Learning

The Obesity Driver - "Insulin On"

Credit Suisse Research Institute - Saturated Fats

What Every Woman Knows. 1963

Part Four

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