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Better Health Workshop

Welcome to the workshop.


There are some activities that you should do before the workshop. You can do them later, but it's best if you prepare beforehand.

There is a principle Open Future Health wants you to apply. That the health knowledge you can use in you life, needs to be discovered, understood and applied by yourself. Better Health is possible, but it doesn't come in an instant, it requires knowledge, it requires effort, it's best achieved in consultation with your doctor and other people with expertise.

The best place to begin is in writing a personal record about your own health. We suggest that you start a health diary. The information you collect for the Better Health Workshop could for the beginning of such a record. There is great value if you and your doctor are on the same page. Around the world electronic systems are making patient records, open to hospitals and other doctors, and open to YOU. In an ideal world you will have access to your own official health record.


Prior Preparation.

It will be useful if you've done some homework before beginning. This workshop will take you about two hours, although online you can do it at your own pace.

Do you have a copy of the last report the doctor ordered on your blood profile? It would be helpful.

You may have the result of a full health assessment done by your doctor. My last one, a few years ago, involved 90 minutes of testing and measurement. It cost me about $400.00. The document I got after the testing was about 20 pages of results, and helpful comments.

Download this single page. Record on it what you are eating over 7 days. Does that surprise you? We would love to talk about your results.

Please download the Quality of Life Assessment. There are two formats: Microsoft Office and Libre Office. This assessment takes about 20 minutes to complete. It gives you a physical health, mental health and sexual health score. This is entirely private, the results are only on your computer.

There is also a single printed page on which to write some notes and measurements. You can do this in the workshop, but you might like to think about it more before-hand. Personal Wellness Assessment (PDF)

Most of the health problems we have are not medical problems at all. Getting old is not a health problem. Type two diabetes is a health problem, but is only a medical problem if you fail to control your diet. That's not made easier by the foolish advice that you should eat normal meals and compensate by using insulin. Eventually that puts you in an early grave.

The hundreds of auto immune diseases that have been identified, are CAUSED. The cause is usually mysterious and unknown, but the environment and the food we eat is the most likely reason. Mostly medical help is ineffective. Other people have been successful in eliminating the cause, but often by taking very drastic action. Adopting a very restrictive diet for instance. (Your food is the most likely source of ongoing inflammation.) There is nobody better qualified to tell you what works than yourself. It might take a year of two to find what you need to do.

Much of the ill health we suffer is like that. What CAUSES the problems you have? Can you be ACTIVE in removing those causes? Of course you can, but it's an uncertain journey.

Begin here: "Why our Health is so Poor" and follow the link at the bottom of each page.

Navigation into the Workshop

Each part is about 15-20 minutes, unless specified.

Part Two - A Short Medical History

Second Video with Dr Unwin (4min)

Part Three - Introduction to the Open Future Health website

Part Four - Third Video with Dr Unwin, then The Noakes Trial in the website.

Final Video with Dr Rangan Chatterjee