Open Future Health

Better Health Workshop

Part One - Our Poor Health

There is every reason to believe that your health can be improved.


If you choose to poison your body; if you eat and drink foolishly, and if you don't make an effort to maintain your strength and capacity for exercise, it's unlikely "doctor" will be able the "fix" you.

Better health begins with you.

If you have an infection, usually the doctor can make you well quickly.

If you are developing any one of hundreds of modern chronic diseases, the doctor is often helpless.

80% or more of the problems people present to the doctor are explained in the diagram below.

There is a simple answer; stop feeding the tree. But it's not quite so simple. Some say impossible.

We live in a community. We all tend to eat and drink the same things. We give people social permission to eat foods that do us harm. We give sweet foods as presents when we want to please somebody. We serve those foods to visitors to show good hospitality. Those are the foods we serve at parties and celebrations. We have a social contract with each other that says: "I'll agree not to see you eating food that is making you sick, if you agree not to notice that I'm doing it too."

Part of the reason for our obesity and illness is social. We expect it, it's "normal."

Part of the reason for our obesity and illness is political and commercial. Follow the MONEY. Who can buy influence?

Our problem begins with the main meal of the day, breakfast. Most people have been taught that cereal, fruit, low fat yoghurt, fruit juice and perhaps a slice of toast and margarine is a "healthy breakfast." While in fact, each of those choices is a destructive of your health. No time to explain here, but the source of metabolic syndrome and type II diabetes is right there in plain sight. The Kickstart Breakfast in Schools Programme, encourages that type of breakfast. You might ask "Why this nutrient poor, fattening food is approved in our schools?" A politicians answer is that it "ticks all the boxes."

Sadly, in a similar way we excuse each-other from exercise. "Relax, take it easy, have a beer."


Please fill in the attendance register. If you can tell us what you hope to find here. At the end we will ask you if that expectation was met, and if you were surprised by any of the content.

When you have finished you will enter a short lecture and slideshow.