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Most of us have tried to lose weight, and failed. The Official Advice about how to lose weight makes mathematical sense, but that's not how your body works. The mathematics are based on physics, on a thermal oven. The body is biological; the body is controlled by the brain, and by hormones and enzymes; it's much more complex than a thermal oven.

Good News: You can diet successfully. But you may need a diet adapted for you by you.

Weight Loss Diets

Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig

Both Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig have been successful in the past.

Both companies are very careful to build their programmes entirely within the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which gives them a considerable disadvantage since many of us believe the Guidelines are wrong, and have been wrong since the beginning.

The New Atkins Diet

The New Atkins Diet is soundly based in the new science.

The new science explains why all along Dr Atkins was on the right track, and they are now able to explain exactly how the New Atkins Diet works.

Local FileEric Westman, Local FileStephen Phinney and Local FileJeff Volek have worked to ensure that the New Atkins programme is scientific in its recommendations.

The New Atkins Diet is focused on helping you to lose weight. They have a lot of products to help you achieve that objective.

Paleo Diet

A few years ago, this looked like a good bet. But the science is weak.

Some of the people promoting Paleo are quite wacky. Be careful.

On the other hand, the best Paleo people, have excellent personal knowlege, often built up over 20 or more years.

The Banting Diet

The Banting Diet as promoted by the Real Meal Revolution, is a soundly based scientific diet supported directly by Local FileProf. Tim Noakes, and indirectly by people like Stephen Phinney and Jeff Volek, and the wider research community.

Local FileThe Banting Diet is a lead-in to living a Banting Lifestyle. Learning how to maintain dietary ketosis for long periods of time, by good planning and by learning some new culinary skills.

The Banting Diet puts a lot of emphasis on teaching you some fundamental nutritional knowledge, so that you become informed about how to control your future eating habits.

Fasting Diets

Of course fasting diets work. Remember that before breakfast, your body is burning fat.

If you fast rather than have breakfast, fat burning will continue, until you eat carbohydrate again.

It's neither good not bad. It is one way to reduce your weight.

The Take Out Diet

If you want to make an early beginning for yourself, Open Future Health recommends one book. WWW LinkThe Take Out Diet. It's cheap ($8.00 Australian) if you buy the electronic version. It was written by a New Zealander now living in Australia. He's an agricultural scientist, who in his 60's got sick, realised his diet was to blame, and then got interested in the science of human diet. His book explains the science very well. He also tells you exactly what to do: take one thing out of your diet, probably FOREVER. Then wait and measure or record the change in yourself. Proceed slowly, learn the science, learn about your body, then choose to take something else out of your diet. When you've done this four or five times, you will have learned a lot, and your own diet will be much better, and you'll be able to sustain it, because YOU chose to eat that way.

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