Where's the Evidence?

Carbohydrate intolerance

Look at the people finding a gluten free or a wheat free diet is better for them. Almost everyone who goes sugar free claims to be better for it.

Excess insulin

We turn insulin on in the morning and typically boost it with carbs every 2-3 hours. Insulin is "on" all day, every day.

Excess insulin, omega-6 oils and fructose are suggested as causes of inflammation.

Obesity is driven by hormones

It's simply not true that obesity is driven by excess calories. And it not true that lack of exercise causes obesity. Failure of homeostasis is caused by changes in your hormones.

Metabolic Syndrome

About 70% of people over 60 can be diagnosed with metabolic syndrome. But people in their 30's and 40's are already preparing the way. It takes 20 years to make yourself sick on a poor "healthy diet."


Ketosis is simply a metabolic process where you body has lots of fat to burn and no glucose to dispose of. So your body burns fatty-acids and ketones as it was intended to do.

An overview of what we've been learning.

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Carbohydrate intolerance develops, over a long period. (20+ years)

When your body is young and healthy, you can eat large amounts of carbohydrate and sugar and your body will deal with it. But if you over-do-it, in time, there will be a reaction, an intolerance will develop; a decrease in your ability to metabolize carbohydrate occurs.

You might think this intolerance is just "getting old," but the real problem is your diet. Fix the diet and you can get young again; at any age. One month on a healthy diet will "fix" many problems. Vegetarian diets are NOT healthy. You need a diet dense in nutritional value. Quality is the key.

Excess insulin causes inflammation

This is just like any addiction. Too much alcohol, or too much sugar, or too much marijuana and you become "used to it" and your body adapts so you can use even more carbohydrate. But that demands large amounts of insulin. Too much insulin all the time, for too long, attacks the vascular system.

That's where, for most people, the system finally breaks down.

Insulin in excess over a long time causes inflammation through your entire vascular system. All of the "diseases" that we call metabolic (Reaven) syndrome are the result of that inflammation.

Obesity is driven by hormones

The key hormones involved are insulin and leptin, the body becomes resistant to their presence, and starts to ignore them. That upsets homeostasis, your automatic control mechanism begins to fail. So people start to get fat.

Metabolic Syndrome is common

In "Western societies" almost everyone eating the standard diet, either has metabolic syndrome, or is well down the track to getting it. People think this is "normal aging." They do nothing, when they should have acted ten years ago. Act now, don't wait because you are losing years of good health, you could choose to have.

Ketosis as a normal and protective metabolic state

In "Western societies" we think of living on a very low carbohydrate diet, living in ketosis, as abnormal, but it was perfectly normal for all of us if we were breast fed. It's perfectly normal in all nomadic societies.

If your current diet is creating health problems for you, converting to a ketogenic, or Banting Diet, is easy to do, and when more people are doing it, it will become a perfectly accepted and normal thing to do.

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