Don't be Hungry

Eating less simply makes you more aware of your hunger. You don't need to do that.

Eating bread (or any carbohydrate) makes you hungry again in 2 hours, but it's just a sugar low.

Eating frequently means you are feeling "hungry" too often. That's a faulty diet.

Fatty foods make you feel "full."

Eating fatty foods keeps your blood sugars low all the time, so you never have false "hunger" caused by low sugar levels.

Take Control

Eating proteins, fats and vegetables, but avoiding carbohydrates will make you feel satisfied and you'll easily be able to skip meals if you need to.

In the beginning aim at having a meal with carbohydrates, ONCE a day.

If in doubt, eat more fat. Fat like butter or coconut oil added to your coffee or tea, is helpful.

Eating Carbohydrates Drives Insulin
Which Drives Obesity

From the Dietary Guidelines

Eat plenty of breads and cereals, including rice, pasta, breakfast cereals and other grain products.

Choose at least six servings of breads and cereals each day.

Restrict high calorie foods like fatty foods to control your weight.

What happens when you eat carbohydrate six times a day.


When insulin is "on" the body is trying to store fat.

From the new Dietary Science

Eating less to maintain your weight can result in malnutrition particularly in women who are dieting.

The secret is to keep insulin “off” for as long as possible each day. Change what you eat for breakfast.

You have to eat more fat to get slim.