Yalow and Berson, 1965

When there is negative insulin, fat burning is enabled.

How can you create "negative insulin" condition?

Two ways:
Restrict dietary carbohydrate to less than 60gm a day.
Or create a carbohydrate fast for most of the day. (Change what you eat for breakfast.)

The guidelines are fattening.
The "fat makes you fat" idea is 70 years old and wrong.
The Health Star Rating encourages eating both carbohydrate and sugar.

Doctors follow the guidelines.
Their professional status may depend on that.

The public believe what they are told.

There is an easy solution, but it requires new thinking and new understanding.

Carbohydrate Intolerance

Over time, because of excess carbohydrates in the diet, we develop carbohydrate intolerance; that involves both insulin resistance and leptin subservience. Our homeostatic control mechanism breaks down, and we start to develop metabolic changes that are unhealthy.

This is the source of metabolic (Reaven) syndrome, a problem most of us are developing.

The Dietary Guidelines Say:

Choose low fat milk, yoghurt and cheese.

Choose lean meats – trim off the fat.

The Health Star Rating is recommended.

Doctors Say:

87% excess fat causes obesity.

32% sugar – 26% Carbohydrates

The Public Believe:

Public think that dietary fat makes you fat.

New Science Says:

Hormones make you fat. Too much insulin and leptin that's ineffective because it's subservient to insulin.

When Insulin is β€œon” you are probably building fat.

Restrict carbohydrates and eat a lot more fat, to lose weight.

Choose strategically when to eat carbohydrates to keep insulin "off." - Changing what you eat for breakfast is a easy first response.


Low Fat Diet Obesity