Dr. Stephen Phinney, Professor of Medicine Emeritus at UC-Davis, defined the meaning of true nutritional ketosis as your body reaching a state of utilizing ketones for fuel in the brain and muscles instead of carbohydrates.

This diet trend has become popular with a number of high-performance athletes and ultra-marathon runners who become ketoadaptive and burn ketones as their primary fuel source.


The best known researcher on ketogenic diets today is Dr. Jeff Volek. If you want to learn more about his work look up "The Faster Study" which was done with elite athletes.

Stephen Phinney - Modern Researcher on Ketogenic Diets



Stephen Phinney is a hero of mine. He's a guy who may if fact get a Nobel Prize.

In 1980, he wrote for his PhD about being in ketosis. He demonstrated that by burning fat for energy, the body could sustain very hard physical work for a long time. He thought that was an original discovery.

He was surprised to discover this was not so. Lt. Frederick Schwatka, scooped him by 100 years. Schwatka's discovery was not of interest to the public or the authorities.

Likewise, Phinney found that nobody was interested in his research into ketogenic diets. He wrote papers, but everything he wrote was challenged, he was told over and over that he was wrong.