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We should remember the work of Gerald Reaven in the light of the existing paradigm. His theory about a single cause of five common metabolic diseases cut across the research fields of many people.

The recognized problems within the paradigm include obesity, CVD, diabetes, High BP, high fasting triglyceride. Each recognized as a separate discipline.

In 1987 Prof Reaven showed that the recommended low-fat high-carbohydrate diet had harmful metabolic effects on type two diabetic patients.

Reaven's work on diabetes was not well received by some other professionals.

In 1998 Reaven again identifies a high carbohydrate diet as causing excess insulin in the blood leading to several metabolic problems in the body.

Reaven never pushed his ideas on others. According to Prof. Tim Noakes, the National Institute of Health wouldn't fund this research and the cardiovascular specialists in his own university, Harvard, disapproved of his ideas.

Metabolic Syndrome - Prof. Gerald Reaven


Prof. Gerald Reaven

FIVE metabolic “diseases,”
Obesity, CVD, type 2 diabetes,
high blood pressure, high fasting triglyceride;
have a SINGLE cause.

Our poor diet creates excess blood insulin over long periods.

That drives us along the continuum towards sickness.

It's ONE problem, not many problems.

This is a re-discovery of what the Germans knew 1930's.

The public are largely unaware of this theory.

The single cause of metabolic syndrome is a faulty diet.