Changing Times

You can see that the opinions of medical professionals, like the dietary guidelines are stuck in a time warp.

Your doctor is not to be ignored, his advice and experience is valuable.

However, meet him/her with your own knowledge. Go prepared to talk about what you've been learning and discuss a sensible approach that is low risk for YOU.

In particular how can you control. and reverse metabolic syndrome?

Just because almost everyone is taking asprin and statins, isn't a good reason for everyone to do it. Talk about it.

Opinions of Medical Professionals

Obese Man

69% recommended a low fat diet.

The low fat diet has no health benefits. Women's Health Initiative (2006).

92% believed that a high fat diet could lead to cardiovascular disease.

There is no relationship between saturated fats and CVD. Framingham Heart Study (1998)

87% thought excess fat caused obesity.

Excess fat is obesity. The cause is in your hormones.

83% considered butter a bad fat.

Butter a short chain omega-3 fat is a good fat.

54% thought eating cholesterol rich food is not good for your heart.

Many studies now, have given cholesterol a health tick. Small dense particles remain problematic.