Dr John Yudkin

British physiologist and nutritionist, and the founding Professor of the Department of Nutrition at Queen Elizabeth College, London.

He was strongly attacked by the sugar industry.

Yudkin's excellent work sank like a stone. His university disowned him. He died in 1995 forgotten.

His work was rediscovered about 2007 by Robert Lustig, who had independently recognised the problems caused by sugar in the diet.

In 2009 Robert Lustig published “Sugar the Bitter Truth,”

Lustig thought he was the first to discover this, and was surprised that Yudkin had upstaged him by 30 years.

Dr John Yudkin - Pure White and Deadly


As early as 1967 Yudkin suggested that the excessive consumption of sugar might result in a disturbance in the secretion of insulin, and that this in turn might contribute to atherosclerosis and diabetes.

Published "Pure, White and Deadly: The Problem of Sugar" (1972)

The McGovern Committee, consulted him in 1977 but ignored his advice.