Dr Hugh Butler

Dr Butler has a PhD in plant physiology and biochemistry. He worked in biological science for 12 years before becoming a manager.

At age 50 he was overweight (95kg or 15 stone) and his doctor advised him to reduce his weight. He followed many of the things his wife was doing, she had been to Weigh Watchers, and had some useful tips for him. This worked for a few years after which he began to lose control again.

As he approached 60, his doctor was expressing concern at his weight and blood profile. He reflected on the deaths of his mother and father. His mother got dementia at 82 and died at 89. His father had a heart attack at 82 and was rather frail after that, his hip was bad, but they wouldn't give him a hip replacement because of his heart condition. He stopped walking at 94.

Realising that he was on this same unfortunate pathway, Dr butler began in 2013 to look at medical science to see if he could learn enough resolve his own health problems. He discovered that there is more to good health than weight management. That there is some low hanging fruit that can be "picked" with very little effort, and that a small number of other changes in lifestyle can make an enormous difference to your personal health and expected lifespan.

Dr Butler believes that we should be able to live until about 120, and to be healthy during that long life. Prevention is by far the cheapest health strategy, and the best place to start is with your diet.

The Take Out Diet - Dr Hugh Butler


Short Chapters

This book of 350 pages has 53 short chapters. You can read a chapter a day with ease.

Excellent Scientific Understanding

Dr Butler is a scientist, a biochemist, but he had not worked in science in recent years. To prepare to write this book he had to read hundreds of scientific papers, in a field that was unfamiliar to him. He explains the science in a way that people without his training will usually understand.

Very practical - Doable suggestions

There are a few easy things to do, that any sensible person interested in personal health will choose to do. This is the "low hanging fruit" involving easy decisions, each decision involves taking something out of your daily diet. Hence the book title "The Take-Out Diet."

Step by Step Dietary Improvement

When you understand the science behind nutrition, you may choose to do some things that are slightly more ambitious. You don't need to get your diet perfect immediately, you can get there step by step, as your knowledge grows.

Ketogenic Diet one of many possibilities.

Dr Butler is confident that with the assistance of his book you will find a diet that you can sustain, and which improves your daily health. This has the potential to add years of wellness to your long life. Butler doesn't recommend a ketogenic diet, but that's one of the options he opens for you.