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We all live in a fortress, trying to protect ourselves from bad information.

You hold the key to your fortress. What you choose to eat goes to the heart of who you are and everything you believe. This is private space.

Your good health depends on your own knowledge.

There is no medical cure for "diseases" caused by the diet you eat. Most people find it impossible to believe that the "healthy diet" they have tried to eat for 30 years might be causing the ill health they now have.

We defend our fortresses with ideas like these. Each one keeping the "enemy" out.

My low fat diet reduces my weight">

Good Health Begins With Nutrition

Real food is nutrient dense and nourishing.

Diets always fail it makes no difference.

My aches and pains are normal at my age.

My vegetarian diet is keeping me healthy.

Type Two Diabetes is an incurable disease.

A calorie is a calorie. All calories are the same.

My low fat diet protects me against heart disease.

This BIG intrusion in our lives, our poor health, is silenced.
We are afraid. We hope. We pretend poor health is "normal".
We do nothing when we really need to act.

My low fat diet improves my blood triglycerides.

The secret to weight loss is to eat less and exercise more.

Are you ready to consider some new thinking - New learning?
Can we enter your fortress?
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