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Today he is hardly known in English, although he worked in the USA most of his life.

During his life he wrote more than 300 scientific papers (mostly in English). But his work was often not published because his views were anti-racist.

Dr Aleš Hrdlička anthropologist and physician.

Background of Hrdlička

ScientistDr Aleš Hrdlička, was a world-renowned Czech/USA anthropologist and physician.

His family moved to New York when he was 13 years old. His father and young Aleš, took a jobs in a cigar factory.

In 1889, he registered at the New York Institute for Eclectic Medical College and already in 1892 as the first among colleagues graduated and started his medical practice in New York in 1894. He went to Europe for further training.

Eclectic Medical theory and practice was one of seven medical systems in wide use at the time. More scientific and practical than some of the others. Eclectic trainees tried to discover by investigation what works.

From 1898 to 1905 he worked on research with native Americans for the Smithsonian Institute.

Back in the USA, in 1903, he founded the Anthropological Department of the National Museum of the United States in Washington.

Some of his scientific views were not popular in America. In 1927, he voiced the theory of single origin and evolution of man (for which he was awarded the Huxley medal): "Man has evolved from animal ancestors. The general law of development also applies to humans."

He died on September 5, 1943 in Washington, of a second Local Fileheart attack.

2000 Physical Examinations of Native Americans

Only fibroid tumours found
No sign of cancer of any kind
Only three cases of heart disease
Not a single case of atherosclerosis
Varicose veins are rare
No appendicitis, no peritonitis and no stomach ulcers

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