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I do NOT have a medical training, so the following is not medical advice.

Good News: The following videos do come from medical sources. The first tells us that if we adopt a strict vegetarian diet, we can minimise our use of insulin. This is a fairly standard approach.

The second video explains very well why eating carbohydrates at every meal, as commonly recommended by doctors and Diabetes Associations, is poor advice. He goes on to recommend regular fasting, to reduce your carbohydrate intake, until your symptoms go away.

Medical Ways of Treating Diabetes

One a standard method, the other a bit radical.

Neal Barnard, Treating Diabetes Naturally - A Vegetarian Diet

Dr Barnard builds a good case for adopting a low-fat vegetarian diet to REVERSE diabetes. He claims clinical and practical success with patients. Vegetarian diets are still strongly supported by many Americans. I think that is driven by strong ethical and religious values, among some groups. On the other hand, many students of bio-chemistry and physiology, argue that there is no scientific basis for recommending Local Filea vegetarian diet. The major professional nutrition forum on the Internet, has banned posts from people claiming that vegetarian diets are healthy, because that claim has no scientific support.

Jason Fung, Treating Diabetes by Fasting

I'm very impressed by Dr Fung's presentation. The clarity of his description of the interaction between carbohydrate and insulin is excellent. He then recommends fasting to reduce the glycogen stored in your body, and the glucose load in the blood. I wondered why on earth he would do that. And concluded that it was a way to preserve his status as a "professional" within standard practice.

At the end of the lecture he confirms that fasting was simply an alternative to Local Filea low carbohydrate diet. The ketogenic way of achieving the same result, is the simple reduction of obvious carbohydrates to less than 50gm a day. This lecture is very informative.

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