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In 2013 when we began to build this site, there were perhaps a dozen well known people standing up for a LCHF or Banting diet. Today there are hundreds. Here are just a few, mostly people with blogs, or book authors, or scientists, or people who spoke at conferences.


Zoe Harcombe Food Researcher and Author

Dr Trudi Deakin PhD Dietitian

Caryn Zinn PhD Dietitian and Researcher

Academic Researchers

Stephen Phinney 30 years LCHF Experience

Jeff Volek Leading Researcher - Small detained studies.

Timothy Noakes Sports Medicine Specialist

Dominic D'Agostino Research Scientist - Ketone Esters

Prof. Kieran Clarke Biochemistry, Ketone Specialist

Fredrik Nyström Swedish Nutrition Expert

Richard Feinman Prof. Biochemistry

Thomas Seyfried Metabolic causes of cancer.

Grant Schofield Prof. Public Health

Dr Richard Veech Biochemist - Laboratory Manager NIH

Medical Doctors

Richard K Bernstein Type One Diabetic, MD, Author

Eric Westman New Atkins Diet

Joanne R McCormack Children's Health

Aseem Malhotra - Cardiologist

Ian Lake - GP and Type 1 Diabetic

Andreas Eenfeldt The diet doctor, Swedish

Gary Fettke Surgeon, Tasmania, Silenced

Jason Fung Canadian MD, Medical practitioner education

David Unwin - NHS Innovator of the Year

Annika Dahlqvist Swedish MD, "Best Practice"

Athletes and Others

Dr Tamsin Lewis Triathlete/Psychiatrist

Dr Verner Wheelock Agricultural Scientist - Food Advocate

Arjun Panesar CEO of

More Specialists Lectures

Dr. Brent Reynolds: Eco-Oncology: Applying the Principles of Ecology to Oncolog. Just as individuals in natural populations reproduce and die, cancer cells divide to produce more cancer cells and die due to programmed cell death

Dr. Mark Lupo: Thyroid Nodules and Cancer: Less is More Personalized Medicine for Better Outcomes. Thyroid nodules are a common medical problem, with 4-5% of the population having a palpable nodule and nearly 50% having nodules detectable by thyroid ultrasound.

Dr. Steve Anton: Lifestyle Approaches for Health Aging. Preserving mobility is central to maintaining a high quality of life and participation in activities to be fully independent in the community

Dr. William Davis: Wheat: The UNhealthy Whole Grain. No human being is protected from the problems that eating modern wheat can create. Gluten sensitivity only affects a few people. Poor response to modern wheat is universal.

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