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In 2013 when we began to build this site, there were perhaps a dozen well known people standing up for a LCHF or Banting diet. Today there are hundreds. Here are just a few, mostly people with blogs, or book authors, or scientists, or people who spoke at conferences.

Academic Researchers

Dr. Benjamin Bikman - Biochemistry, Insulin Specialist

Travis Christofferson - MS, Science Writer, Cancer

Prof. Kieran Clarke - Biochemistry, Ketone Specialist

Dr Zsófia Clemens - Neurobiologist - Carnivore

Dominic D'Agostino - Research Scientist - Ketone Esters

Richard Feinman - Prof. Biochemistry

Timothy Noakes - Sports Medicine Specialist

Fredrik Nyström - Swedish Nutrition Expert

Rhonda Patrick - Micronutrients, Living Longer

Stephen Phinney - 30 years LCHF Experience

Thomas Seyfried - Metabolic causes of cancer.

Grant Schofield - Prof. Public Health

Dr Richard Veech - Biochemist - ex Laboratory Manager NIH

Jeff Volek Leading Researcher - Small detailed studies.

Medical Doctors

Peter Attia - Physician, Self-experimenter, N=1.

Richard K Bernstein - Type One Diabetic, MD, Author

Dr Ann Childers - Psychiatrist, Mental Health Dietitian

Annika Dahlqvist - Swedish MD, "Best Practice"

Andreas Eenfeldt - The diet doctor, Swedish

Gary Fettke - Surgeon, Tasmania, Silenced

Jason Fung - Canadian MD, Medical practitioner education

Ian Lake - GP and Type 1 Diabetic

Robert Lustig - American Pediatric Endocrinologist

Joanne R McCormack - Children's Health

Aseem Malhotra - Cardiologist, UK

Ted Naiman - Medical Doctor, Low Carb, Fitness Coach

David Unwin - NHS Innovator of the Year

Ken Sikaris - Medical Pathologist, Blood Testing

Eric Westman - New Atkins Diet, Duke University

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