Open Future HealthAndrew Scarborough - Anaplastic Astrocytoma - a Brain Cancer

Andrew Scarborough

"March 2016 - A long overdue update"

(30 minutes)

This is not a bad way to get to know Andrew. What he says is pondering, thoughtful, sincere. He's quite clear that he both knows things and there's lots that he does not know. He's beginning to study at university. He's also now eating a diet that's considered a zero-carbohydrate diet. (That;s never strictly true, but he's NOT eating vegetables for instance because they have too many carbohydrates and he seems to be sensitive to some of the self protective chemicals most plants contain.

"June 2016 - MRS update and new developments"

(20 minutes)

Doctors at Hammersford Hospital see some unexpected results in a brain scan and for the first time become very excited about the unusual dietary approach Andrew has taken to his treatment. They make plans to use him as a research subject. Andrew is very pleased with this outcome.

"April 2017 - Some thoughts on electrolyte homeostasis"

(10 minutes)

"Sept 2017 - Lingering traumatic brain injury symptoms, health and future tests/projects"

(13 minutes)

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