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We need the support of other people. I've been careful here to credit WWW LinkThe Real Meal Revolution, for the help they gave me. Local FileSteve Phinney, Local FileJeff Volek, and Local FileTim Noakes, have added immensely to my understanding.

Those sources of knowledge will continue to produce new value, as they develop new contacts, knowledge and practices. You need to sustain a link to that knowledge root in some way.

Keep Engaged With the Banting Group

Making Healthy Lifestyle Changes

You may find that you are addicted to soda drinks, or to sugar.

Remove foods you should not eat from the house.

Stop buying sweets, chocolate and bags of potato chips.

Eliminate ice cream from the house.

Join an online group. Local FileSeek group support.

Find a Banting Mate who you can talk to about the process.

Local FileWrite in your Health Journal.

Go for a walk

Make yourself a salty drink, use an OXO cube or two.

Become aware of the behavior that signals potential problems.

Reaching Rock Bottom

A person hell-bent on self-destruction is not ready. You can self-disqualify yourself before you begin.

It's said of alcoholics and other addicted people that there is no recovery until the individual hits rock bottom. That's not strictly true. Understand what is happening. Want to do something about it. Then take action to stop the downward spiral.

If weight issues are your problem, the Local Filelow-carbohydrate high-fat diet, is your key to success. However, it's probably going to be a big change. It might take a year or so. You need to begin by getting your thinking right. Local FileKNOWLEDGE is the key to success.

Denial of Need and Self Blaming

People blame themselves, what they want more than anything else is to become again part of the mainstream. If weight is your problem, it's knowledge that you lack, it's not a problem of willpower.

I recommend that you Local Filejoin with like-minded others in a self-help group.

You can't buy membership. You may pay the membership fee, but to be a member you need to be recognised as a peer by others. Most often the real cost of membership is measured by what you do with your time as a group member.

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