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What you remember, and what actually happened, are not the same. Our memories are reconstructions of past events.

Good News: You can get closer to having real information about your health, if you actually try to record some details over time.

Keep Your Own Health Journal

Begin with Your Own Health Diary

Journal DataThe simple process of Local Filekeeping your own data, of writing your own record about how you are and Local Filehow you change from day to day has the potential to change your life. You can make that as simple or as complex as you choose. In the process, you will begin to see new things, and you will change what you do.

I can't build that sort of written record about you. But you can in two weeks or a month. I encourage you to do so. In starting to improve my own health, I did not make that record. I don't know in any precise way how my health was when I began.

Once I realised better health was easily achievable, Local FileI changed too many things too quickly, and then I became unsure which of several changes, were driving the success I was having.

So before you spend any money, create a start-point, a benchmark record if you like, of how you are now. By all means, talk to the person who sent you here about that. We fully expect that Local Fileyou can significantly change your health status, but you need to PROVE that for yourself. We can't stress too much how important this simple first step is. Make a written record.

How do you change the habits of a lifetime?

Knowing what you should do, is one thing. Actually making the changes is another. If your family is helping you make this change it's much easier. If your family and friends are engaging in Local Fileanti-life-giving habits and activities, choosing to be different, will not be easy.

Being different has a cost, but your journal will help you stay on course. It's easier if you can find friends who share your journey. Don't avoid joining groups both online and face to face. Local FileThe Open Future Banting Groups will help you.

In particular, making changes requires help and support from your life partner. With that most things are possible.

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