Open Future HealthGet Support for Your Dietary Change

There is much to learn about the Banting Diet. It's much easier if you can talk to other people making the same dietary change.

Good News: There is support available, lots of free support, and several forms of paid support. You can expect to be successful if you use the help other people can offer you.

Get Support for Your Dietary Change

Make Faster Progress, Join a Group - Banting for Health

If you join an Local FileOpen Future Banting group, you'll find a source of inspiration and advice during your dietary change. As a newcomer, you will be mentored and taught what you need to know, when you need it. As a member, you work to improve your knowledge and contribution to the group. You find ways to help the group succeed.

In joining a group, your own vision of yourself can change, you will become a member of a purposeful community. Your Banting group will become for you, a community of practice. It's in this group that the rules of Local File"how you live the Banting lifestyle" can be taught and reinforced. It's here that you develop self-confidence and the social skills to make Banting for health, a permanent part of your life.

Learning all you need to know.

We learn best and almost without effort when we are with people we know and trust.

Of course, you can learn by reading a book, or a website, but understanding takes time. If we can talk to others and work with them our ability to use new concepts develops rapidly.

Local FileIf we choose to invest heavily in Banting, we will develop expertise and knowledge that few people have. There is an opportunity then, to confirm your choice, by taking the message about Banting for Health, to other people.

When others begin to recognise your growing knowledge, opportunities to take up leadership roles will develop.

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You become a member when you begin to take part in the discussions. You are recognised as a peer when other people begin to respond to your knowledge. In your role as a member and peer, you are able to give to and to tap the full resources of the group. Local FileYou could join one or more of our private email discussion lists.

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