Open Future HealthDoing the Banting Five Week Beginners Course

I strongly recommend this course, as an introduction to LCHF dieting.

Good News: Take your time. There is good science and sound health advice here, but it's quite different to what you "know," so progress slowly. Local FileAs your knowledge grows, your excess weight will vanish.

Doing the Banting Five Week Beginners Course

My Recommendation

BantingWWW LinkThe Banting Course for Beginners offered by The Real Meal Revolution, is a course I strongly recommend. While the course itself contains all the knowledge and information you need; there's too much to absorb in the five weeks of the course.

I therefore recommend, that you begin to prepare for the Banting Beginners Course, several months before-hand.

To help you, there is a lot of information you can learn in this site. Then you can make a lot of progress if you begin NOW, to modify your diet towards the Banting ideal, and start to loose some weight. Local FileI suggest that you start slowly, because your ability to stick with the change will depend in the end on your knowledge.

Local FileIn the beginning, your knowledge base is weak, and worst much of what you think you know, will be based on 60 years of propaganda, and supermarket shelf misinformation. There might be a lot of unlearning to do before you can really benefit from this excellent course.

The Course itself

You can get a look at the basics of the course free, if you register. That puts you on a mailing list, and you might get a special offer occasionally.

The course begins with an introductory week, where all they do is introduce to the key concepts. There are videos to watch and several short lectures for which notes are provided. They also offer recipes, and I strongly suggest that you try these. Making a new meal, with a new recipe, is doing something practical to improve your life.

I've found that a small number of new recipes make a wonderful difference to how easy it is to adopt the new diet.

Join the discussion forum. Of course, there are a lot of people there who are really poorly informed about the Banting process. If you've taken my advice, and you've prepared for the course well, you won't be misled by people whose understanding is weak.

There is some moderation and control of the forums and sometimes informed advice from the Real Meal Revolution Team.

Second to fourth week.

Now we are trying to get into the diet in a serious way.

Once again you will be offered videos, lectures and lecture notes every week. The material provided has been carefully selected. You'll find there is far more than you can find the time to use.

By now there are many new recipes. Make the effort to try two or three of them every week. That will reinforce what you are doing, and may give you some new party "treats" to offer you house guests.

Fifth Week

By now, if you've been strict with yourself, you should be in Local Filenutritional ketosis.

For me, this was the first time (and I'd been working on this for six months, not four weeks) that I was sure that I was in nutritional ketosis.

A blood test is the only way you can be sure how much ketosis you have achieved. For me, as a day to day experience, my long-distance vision is clear and bright, when I'm in ketosis.

I don't have a kit to test for blood ketones. The units themselves are not so expensive, but the test strips are. I understand that in the near future a breath test will be available, which might make home testing affordable.

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